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  • All guests must be of at least 18 years of age to be able to check-in at the Hostel.
  • We are not family hostels and recommend you reserve Hotels if travelling with family.
  • We send you an email with detailed directions to the hostel and how to avoid the common scams within a few hours of receiving your booking. Please read this email carefully. Look at your spam folder in case you do not receive the email within 12 hours.
  • No drugs allowed on any hostel premises. Any guest breaking the house rules, consuming illicit substances, and conducting a wrong behavioural approach, can be asked to leave the property immediately. These rights are retained by the property manager, who may, upon scrutiny, cancel your booking without being liable to raise any refunds.
  • Smoking and Vamping is not permitted inside the hostel premises besides the designated smoking areas.
  • Any guests who purposely/accidentally cause damage to the property, eats/ consumes alcohol in the room, smokes inside the room/property will be subject to penalties as suggested by the property manager.
  • La Siesta India does not take any responsibility for your goods. We are not liable in case you lose your goods/valuables during your stay. Keep a good eye on your stuff and have a great stay with us.
  • La Siesta India reserves the Right to admission.
  • Non-Residents/Visitors are strictly not allowed on the hostel premises.
  • Outside pets are not allowed in any La Siesta India Hostels.
  • We need a valid passport and visa for foreign nationals and a valid Government Photo ID and Address proof like Driving license, Aadhar card for Indian nationals during check-in. Student IDs are not eligible.
  • Residents of the same city are not permitted to stay at the hostel. For e.g., residents of Manali will not be allowed to stay at La Siesta India Hostel Manali.

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